International Jazz Day / Armend Xhaferi Quintet

Prishtina has always carried this jazz which needed just a bit of watering and grew immensely. The past two decades have produced impressive generations which mix their styles and perspectives on this great old music with plenty of innovation.
As the International Jazz Day approaches we have decided to host Prishtina’s veterans of this discipline.
Join us this Saturday (30th of April, 9PM) to greet Armend Xhaferi Quintet and celebrate our favorite day!


Karrigat remade by Oborri and Taste 2

“Karrigat” (Chear’s) was a song written by the legendary Prishtina band Gjurmët in early 80’s. The TV censors of the time decided it was politically charged therefore didn’t allow the recording of the song. Almost thirty five years later Oborri & Taste 2 gave this song another chance by rearranging it and writing few more lyrics. Us as dit’ e nat’ are proud to have supported this project. Enjoy the video: