Argjiro – Southern Songs Of Migration – This Saturday!

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Legends say that southern polyphonic music of Albania was first sung five centuries ago and it was dedicated to the migrants that were fleeing trying to escape poverty. Families left behind would then go by the shore -men and women- singing messages in two or more voices, believing that the waves would carry their words to their loved ones.

In 2005 UNESCO declared iso polyphony masterpiece of oral and intangible human heritage.

This Saturday Argjiro, a group from the town of Gjirokastra lead by Roland Çenko will perform in dit’ e nat’ in honor of Albanian National Day. Argjiro are the most authentic representatives of this music. The president of Albania Bujar Nishani this year decorated the group with the Presidential Title “The Great Master”.

The concert starts at 9PM /28th of November 2015/

See you on Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Argjiro – Southern Songs Of Migration – This Saturday!

  1. I really love and admire what you’re doing, I’m trying to do something similar for my african constituency as well, may be one of these days it will be great if we can compare notes, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you. I particularly wish I could be at the concert on Saturday, I wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. We’d be more than happy to than happy to collaborate in whatever ways you see it fits:)

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