Gjurmët LP gets a second edition

Gjurmët LP, for those that had no chance to read it before, is a memoir of Migjen Kelmendi on Kosovo’s ’80’s rock band Gjurmët. This little book is an elegant first hand account that unravels not only the works of the band but also the socio-political context of the time offering a multilayered perspective on what it meant to be a young Albanian in Yugoslavia at the time.  The second edition comes freshly designed with additional photographs and in hard cover. We are happy to announce that the book is in our shelves and it costs 15 euro.

Photo by: Jetmir Idrizi

The #FailedIntellectual | Eric Jarosinski

Join us for an evening with Eric Jarosinski, a former professor who has gone on to lead a very different life as a #FailedIntellectual online.
In exploring the comic potential of German language, literature, and philosophy on Twitter, his feed NeinQuarterly has gained a highly diverse global audience.
In his talk, moderated by Agon Maliqi, Eric will address the potential (and limitations) of adapting traditional modes of philosophical thought to a new technology with its own complex language, codes, and conventions. Throughout, he will discuss a strategy not of simplifying or popularizing philosophy, but of demystifying its terminology, gently toppling its idols, and playfully unsettling its authority.

The talk will take place on Thursday (2nd of June 2016) in dit’ e nat’.

jarosinski 2

Fifty Shades Trilogy on SALE

The Fifty Shades of Gray, Darker and Freed Trilogy must have been the most criticized contemporary literary work of our time. However, it achieved a commercial success and a cult following. “The explosion of interest has taken me completely by surprise” says the writer E.L. James.

The trilogy traces the complex relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism are just some of the layers that encompass the journey of this unconventional couple.

If you’re into exploring the kinky side, then some answers might be hidden in this trilogy which is on SALE from now on!

fifty shades


Now for only 45.00 euros