Kosoveira | Album & Film Finally Out!

It was the year of 2015 when we met Luis Panichelli, a Capoeira performer, who at the time was living and working in Prishtina. Soon a large group of musicians from various scenes and paths of life joined him in an incredible journey and begun experimenting by fusing local traditional music with Capoeira and gave birth to a brilliant album – KOSOVEIRA.

Watch this short documentary and have a taste of this magical experience and process of making the Kosoveira album!

The Canaries Know Wins the Award for Best Musical Score in Japan!

Kaltrina Krasniqi’s short film “The Canaries Know” produced by dit’ e nat’ and SF FILM, Denmark is awarded for the Best Original Score in Sapporo Film Fest 2015, Japan. Surprised and happy about the news Arbër Salihu, one of the music composers, writes in his Facebook account “…woke up with a Japanese award today…”. “The score was written by Genc Salihu, Tomor Kuçi and Arbër Salihu; I was pleasantly surprised by this award because music plays a very important role in this film” says Kaltrina.

“The Canaries Know” is about a Prishtina family trying to get through the first day of the bombardment of their country: “War is a huge event in the – short – life of a human being. You can’t brush it off, especially as a director, it keeps coming back in your stories…However, I hope that I’m done with it for a while” says Kaltrina.

“The Canaries Know” was released in 2014 and it has already had a rich festival journey worldwide  including Brussels Short Film Festival, Scepto International Film Festival -Italy, LEDEN International Short Film Experience-Holland.

The Canaries Know: Sylejman Lokaj (left), Luan Jaha (middle) and Kaona Sylejmani (right).filmphotos1

Genc Salihu – black and white or in color?

A special Wednesday is ahead – Prishtina based singer-songwriter Genc Salihu promotes his new song “Shtyje“.

“I have been isolated, searching…but finally new songs are coming to surface” he says.

The new material is not the only reason which makes this particular video unique – Genc is also debuting as a writer-director. “I was nervous to be in that role…directing myself and the crew. But it did help a lot being surrounded by people that have worked with me in past projects. They know me and understand my voice”.

Photographs from the set shared on social media earlier this week show Genc hospitalized: “I might be there to heal my soul” he says, ”or maybe it’s just an interpretation of perceived reality in my country…or a love story”.

The video is made in two different versions: black and white, and color. Both of them will be shown in the promotional night – the audience will be asked to vote their favorite version.

The event takes place in dit’ e nat’ at 9PM Wednesday /November 11, 2015/

Genc Salihu (left) and Berat Hasani (right) during the shooting of the video.uuuu