Goodbye 2016 – you have been strange!

It was 2009 when dit’ e nat’ started the tradition of going crazy in the afternoon of the last day of the year. We see this as a great chance to leave stuff behind and wash the energy for the new year that awaits us.

As far as we remember, there hasn’t been a stranger year than 2016. So let’s say goodbye to its last rays of cold sun with some happy and warm songs.
Gipsy Groove will be playing an acoustic set after which Genc Salihu and friends will join the usual end of the year jam.

See you on the 31st at noon!

International Jazz Day / Armend Xhaferi Quintet

Prishtina has always carried this jazz which needed just a bit of watering and grew immensely. The past two decades have produced impressive generations which mix their styles and perspectives on this great old music with plenty of innovation.
As the International Jazz Day approaches we have decided to host Prishtina’s veterans of this discipline.
Join us this Saturday (30th of April, 9PM) to greet Armend Xhaferi Quintet and celebrate our favorite day!


Electrifying Jazz Trio Playing Tonight!

This trio has a powerful chemistry! Ilir and Enes are shadows of one another, continuously backing up or chasing very inspired improvisations; while Dugi uses this bed as trampoline to jump in!

It has been awhile since we listened to them last – Ilir Bajri (piano), Enes Bajramliqi (drums), Dukagjim Muhaxheri (saxophone).

See you tonight, please don’t wear a tie 🙂

macat trio