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One day, at an airport, Holly & Ken met totally by chance. Four years later, she sent him a copy of Maps and Lists. Ken wrote to her and was like, “Your record’s great! What’s next?” Holly was like, “Lots of stuff!’ They played some shows together and then, almost as a dare, he said to her, “Let’s make a country record in France!”.

Holly & Ken, The Record, is an indie country opera, a concept album, an homage to Willie Nelson’s 1975 classic record, Red Headed Stranger.

They will play this material in dit’ e nat’ on Wednesday (January 20th) at 9PM.

* For tickets and reservations please contact us on Facebook.


Holly Muñoz (aka HOLLY) is a musician and songwriter from El Paso, Texas. Her debut solo record, Maps and Lists was produced by John Vanderslice at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, California. She has appeared in-studio on KEXP’s Afternoon Show with DJ Kevin Cole and music from Maps and Lists has been added to the playlists of Starbucks stores worldwide.

Ken Stringfellow is most widely known as a founding member of The Posies, as well as for his long-standing work in studio and on stage with R.E.M., Big Star. He has also released four solo albums, all of which received high marks from Pitchfork, Mojo, and other indie gold standard media. His latest studio release is 2012’s Danzig in the Moonlight.

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