The Cat at Dit’ e Nat’

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Dit’ e nat’ has often hosted writer’s groups, and from time to time people would share with us their work. We have been pleasantly surprised to receive a poem by Leslie Saunders who had been to Kosovo and served for Save the Children till 2011 – during this time she was also writing. “The Cat at Dit’ e Nat'” was inspired by us and our town. Enjoy!

The Cat at Dit’ e Nat’
for the friends I left behind

Today I’ll drink a tiny hot espresso,
leave my lipstick on the doll-size china,

I’ll buy The Little Prince, his Sahara
an volcanos, me muzika dhe lulja

at Lulishte I’ll choose four pale rose
for Flora because it’s December,

and make a good luck wish or two
for the next Prime Minister Mimoza,

I’ll learn new sounds like vetëvendosje,
ahtisaari, më vjen keq and mirëdita

I’ll leave the melancholy Garbo on her shelf,
skim the pop-up book of new Prishtina,

I’ll cry so no-one hears me,
I’ll sing along the barmen’s sha-la-la,

I’ll stroke the ginger cat at Dit’ e Nat’
because it’s December me muzika, me lulja


Dit’ e Nat’:  ‘Day and Night’, a bookshop/cafe/bar in Prishtina

lulja: flower

muzika: music

Lulishte: name of a florist shop in Prishtina

Mimoza:  Mimoza Kusari-Lila, AKR candidate in the Kosovan general election 2010

Vetëvendosje: ‘self-determination’, a Kosovan political party which opposes the UN presence there and campaigns for the complete independence of Kosovo/a

Ahtisaari: the Ahtisaari plan, named after UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari, was the 2007 draft settlement designed to resolve Kosovo/a’s status, establish justice and governance systems and processes, and protect non-Albanian minorities

më vjen keq: I’m sorry

mirëdita: good afternoon

lulj bw

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